Banishment of the Drow

Year 0 of the 2nd Era

“It is rare to see a race so vilified as that of the Drow. they started as normal elves who wished for dark power, only to be cast down and forgotten through the ages.” -Rauthas Fiddlehammer, Dwarf historian, Year 5700 of the Third Era

The beginning of the first new era started with the exile of of a sect of elves who would become the Drow.

Late into the time that would be established the First Era, a large number of elves wished for power above all else. This led to dark pacts with ancient gods and goddesses who were known to be evil and cruel beings. Having made pacts with these entities, the elves rapidly changed dramatically in appearance. Their skin became ashen and black, while their hair drained of all color.

With their newfound power, the Drow proceeded to wage war on their elven kin. This brought about many atrocities on both sides. Many of the mortal races were dragged into the long conflict. Eventually it was determined that the only way to defeat the Drow, was with equal opposed pacts with good gods and goddesses.

Many races made these contracts and with newfound strength, fought back. Winning battle after battle, the forces of good eventually brought the Drow to their last remaining fortresses in the () mountains.

It was here that a surrender was demanded, unless all that the Drow were before be lost. The Drow accepted the surrender and an accord was signed that stipulated the exile of those Drow that refused to be cleansed of their heinous contracts.

Those who were cleansed returned, albeit warily, to elven society. They still had a wildness about them and became a new race of elves, the Wood Elves.

Those who chose to retain their power were exiled into the dark caverns deep beneath the surface, to never again return.

Banishment of the Drow

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