Population: 50,000 (est.)
Established: First Era
Ruler: King Pemmarog

The city of Acrae is the oldest, and most defensible, city on the continent of Kardish.

It was established in the First Era at the edge of a caldera of a long dead volcano. Initially little more than an outpost in the mountains, when people first made pacts with dragons, a roost was created out of the abundant deposits of obsidian in the ground and fabricated by magic.

As the conflict with the Drow escalated, the roost became an important way station for armies battling across the continent. The allied dragons, mostly metallic, made targeted strikes originating from this place. The Drow could never gain a foothold within striking distance before their banishment at the beginning of the Second Era.

The township that had developed during the conflict around the roost began to flourish during the Second Era. Many people came here to build alliances under the guidance of great warriors and their dragon allies. This township grew large enough to become a major city and focal point in the south.

The main keep of the city now rests on a man, and magic, made island in the middle of the old caldera. A lake has been placed along the entirety of the caldera that water is continuously created with magic. The reason for this is that a large cavern that extends all the way to the coast and opens near the city of Benate. All water created in the lake quickly exits out to the caverns, pulling nearly everyone unfortunate enough to be in the lake with it.

The city is ruled over by a silver dragon named Pemmarog.

Acrae has several distinct districts that are specialized in function.

  • The Market District
  • The Residential Quarter
  • The High Quarter
  • The Legion Headquarters
  • The Obsidian Keep
  • The Slums
  • The Mage Tower


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