An Upheaval

It has been over 2000 years since The Cataclysm. A tragic event that saw the destruction of the greatest alliance in all of history and the shattering of a continent.

Life for the simple folk has grown steady and safe but grave threats return to the material plane. The second continent, untouched by The Cataclysm, teeters on the edge of a great war between the northern theocracy and southern oligarchy. Something unseen also moves in the shadows.

A darkness returns to the world of mortals that has not been seen for centuries.

Heroes Rise

Will the world fall to chaos, or can a group of heroes rise to the challenge. Heroes who have the potential to become great leaders, cunning warriors, sage advisors, daring rogues, or even ruthless warlords.

All heroes have a choice to make in the coming storm,

Where will you stand?

The Will of the Gods